Two courses.
Plus afternoon classes.
Grades 2-8
Literature Analysis + Reading and Writing
Our English teachers lead students in reading classic short stories, chapter by chapter, and guide them to analyze literature from the plot, character development, and story settings. Analyzing literature is a great way to improve writing and reading comprehension. Which means our camp gives you an advantage in school and beyond. 
Students also learn grammar concepts and vocabulary from these masterpieces. Each day, our students will learn and practice essay and story-writing techniques.
Grades 9-12
High School AP Writing Course
This course prepares students for the writing component of the AP English Language and Composition exam. We will extensively cover essential information about the exam format and grading criteria. In addition, the instructor will use a range of interactive and collaborative teaching methods to help students learn how to analyze rhetorical arguments and understand the importance of effective rhetorical choices in academic writing. Topics of interest include rhetorical situations, writing style, organizational structures, academic research, information synthesis and scholarly writing voice.
Students will have several opportunities throughout the course to take practice exams, apply what they have learned, and receive individualized feedback from a certified AP instructor and written-response scoring professional.  Students can also apply the same writing skills and strategies in their SAT essay writing and high school honors or AP English course essay writing assignments.
Instructor: Professor C
Let Professor C help your child take their skills to the next level! He is passionate about tutoring and love helping others. Holding a M.A. in English and having 8 years of experience teaching. Professor C currently teaches in College. In addition, Professor C also has served faculty positions at Mississippi State University, Davenport University, and Houston Community College, among others. He has the skills and experience to help students improve. Professor C has been teaching at SpiderSmart at Sugar Land for more than five years. He has gained a great reputation through his fun and thorough teaching style, and his caring for each student in his classroom.
All grades
Afternoon Classes
In the afternoon, students will participate in Lego physics, watch engaging history movies, read, and complete their camp homework.