Winter Camp is here.
A better kind of camp.
Created and taught by experts.
Program overview
Winter Camp is the perfect combination of fun and education.
It is the perfect way to improve writing skills during the break.
It has a curriculum designed by experts and taught by professionals in small classes.
And it builds on the quality and experience everyone loves about SpiderSmart.
When you combine all those things in one program, you get a camp unlike any other.
A powerful curriculum. 
Designed by us.
We work with experts to design our programs.
Winter Camp features a special curriculum we designed with experienced teachers.
Our curriculum is efficient and effective at improving writing skills. It builds off the 30 years of experience we have teaching thousands of students.
Learning and fun. 
The perfect balance.
Our camp is efficient because it combines fun with education. 
Without the pressure of school, winter break is an ideal time for efficient learning. But students learn best when the instruction and content is fun. 
Our winter camp is educational and fun, which creates a great atmosphere for learning.
The best teachers.
We have high standards when it comes to selecting teachers.
Highly passionate teachers guide students through the writing and editing process and help them improve. All our instructors have teaching experience.
Unlike many other places, we never use college students or novice teachers. Because a good teacher is essential to learning.
Small classes.
Big improvement.
We have some of the smallest classes when compared with competitors.
Like all our classes at SpiderSmart at Sugar Land, Winter Camp has a low teacher-to-student ratio. 
That means faster learning and a more personalized experience. When you combine small classes with a great curriculum, you get better learning.
Why SpiderSmart at Sugar Land is the best place.
Quality curriculum, passionate teachers, attention to detail, and years of experience.
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