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Are your teachers good?
Having great teachers is one of the biggest priorities here. You can count on your child receiving instruction from the most professional teachers. All of our teachers are certified by the State of Texas and have degrees in English. Many are high-school teachers and college professors. Some have PhD's, or have written books themselves.
What about the programs?
All of our programs are designed meticulously by experts. We always strive to create a curriculum that engages students and teaches in an efficient manner. Our renowned Reading + Writing program has been used for over 30 years. 
How big are the classes?
We keep our classes as small as possible so that students can receive individualized instruction. Our Reading + Writing classes have max three students per teacher, while our camps are slightly larger. But our teachers always provide detailed personal instruction, even in larger classes.
Will I see improvement?
Definitely. We see big improvements in mostly all of our students. Whether it's better perfomance in school or on standardized tests, our teachers are committed to ensuring that each student excels. We truly care about each student.
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How's the learning environment?
Pretty great. Our teachers make sure that students are having fun and enjoying our classes while learning important skills. With our new location, we designed this building with our students in mind. 
Are you convinced?
You'll love SpiderSmart at Sugar Land.
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