What students are saying about our classes.

With 2020 Summer Camp happening online for the first year ever, we put a unique emphasis on the learning experience. Our students loved it.

Public Speaking
Science Bowl

Claire W.

I liked how engaging everyone was.and how the teacher always helped my essays to make them better. The class was pretty fun.along with the debate.But what I dislike was the fact that there was so much homework.




Fun I liked the challenges of adding something in the essay and I liked the points to motivate us.

Sicely W.

I enjoyed the class.My teacher gave clear and easy to understand directions and feed backs for our homework and writings..I think this summer camp session was a success.I even made a new friend for this session!

Grace H.

I learned a lot of things.but sometimes I wasn't sure where the materials were.

Jerry Z.

I like The amazing teacher and book. I dislike that there are too many pages.


I like everything!

Victor C.

I like everything..GOOD.

Emily Y.

I like how I learned a lot of things about literature. I didn't like how it was on zoom because the connection was iffy but I know it is temporary..I really liked this class!

Melody M.

I like how this class helps me improve and prepare me for next year.


I like teacher.I like work


I like that every day we're doing something slightly different.so it stays interesting.

Matthew W.

I like that you have to write your own fable..

Kevin F.

I like the class because the class is fun and keep learning stuff..my teacher usually has great idea about daily Mystery and somewhat it's kinda of hard for me lol

William W.

I like the fun stories.thanks


I liked that we could learn something new.and how to get better at writing. I like how the teacher was engaged in the teaching..

Tristan L.

I liked everything all of it was really fun..Thanks for making spidersmart summer camp really fun

Camilla G.

I liked everything. especially the fables. It was really good.Thank you for the help!

Maxine X.

I liked everything.I enjoyed reading Helen Keller and the fables

Emily C.

I liked everything.Thank you!

Avery M.

I liked everything.The teacher is nice and its fun to learn at spidersmart

Mia L.

I liked how fun it was. I did not like how we could not do it in the cassroom.

Sage W.

I liked how my teacher always kept us engaged and asked lots of questions and discussion ideas throughout.which kept things engaging despite being online.

Jessica W.

I liked how my teacher was very clear in directions and how she kindly answers all of my questions.

Amanda L.

I liked how organized and accessible everything was.


I liked how this class is very engaging.no additional comments

Ethan S.

I liked how we had homework and assignments every day.and how we got to see the quiz grades and what we got wrong. The only thing I did not like was the zoom meeting stuff


I liked my teacher. She was very nice and always kept me engaged during class. I loved this class!

Kathryn W.

I liked that I learned about mystery writing and parts of a mystery . I disliked that we had to do it online.

David C.

I liked that it was fast-paced and that we did a deep discussion of Macbeth.and I learned a lot. We did a lot of discussions and interactive stuff.

Sophie X.

I liked that the teacher asked us many questions and that we could participate in activities..

Leetyan C.

I liked the argument outline. It helped me a lot in writing and is super helpful.

Melody F.

I liked the daily checkins and engaging activities like kahoot and discussions.


I liked the format of this class and I loved my teacher. I didn't really like having so much homework.

Sherry H.

I liked the good amount of time that was given and the good advice/revisions everyone gave.

Kelis Z.

I liked the teacher and the lessons we learned were fun and educational.


I liked the tips that my teacher told me i can use.

Anjali B.

I liked the way we learned new tips for our essays on how to revise.

Yingnan L.

I liked when we wrote the KWOs and who which Claus. I love the class so much BECAUSE it was so fun writing mysteries.I think SpiderSmart should add history writing to the classes and I LOVE THE WRITING CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joy W.

I loved the riddles and pretty much everything.

Leo J.

I really like how we learn in this class

Kaylyn L.

I think I learned a lot of new things about academic writing and how to research..I will probably come back next year!

Daniel P.

I think the personal narrative part was really helpful..I think my essay and personal narrative got better.

Isabella Jin

I was to slow doing homework..class time is longer.

Jason L.

It was fun and not boring like some of my school classes.

Leyang Z.

Like: Really helped me with reading comprehension and helped me to get really go in-depth into a story. The class was really engaging and helps me in paraphrasing

Eric W.

Liked writing the mystery story and reading mystery stories..

Mia Z.

My teacher was nice.I learned a lot


The some of my classmates are too loud.

Austin Z.

This class is very fun and helps you learn a lot of stuff.

Raghav J.

This is the best class! I don't disagree about anything.Nothing

Ricky O.

What I like about this camp is how it helped me improve my vocabulary and much more..

Taiwen F.

i liked all of it. i didn't have any negative feelings for both weeks..none

Ishaan Pavuluri

i liked everything.i did not like nothing.

Andrea Y.

i liked that i was able to strengthen my ability to 'annotate' a passage and prevent any chance of plagiarism. I liked that we could learn mystery and the different elements of it.

Andrea Y.

i liked the book and the debate discussions.

Zerui Z.

well I don't have anything to say so... every thing is good.!

April M.

Liked the most- teacher was willing to help and gave awesome feedback to improve writing! Also really enjoyed the practices to write different types of intros.conclusions

Sophia M. :

)I loved this class.it wasn't boring at all and it actually kept my attention.

Kaly L.

I didn't dislike any thing in this class.I really like SpiderSmart :)

Austin Z.

I learned a lot and am more confident about high school..


I like The Penguin true or false.


I like class because it is fun and also awsome!


I like everything!.

Elsa L.

I like everything.I just like everything


I like how my teacher teaches us..


I like my teacher so much..Hope she could teach me again.

Ziqi W.

I like that I can learn new things.


I like that it was very interesting and optimistic.

Abby T.

I like the brainstorming and peer editing formats.and the checklist and thoughtshots

Jason X.

I like the fun Friday and writing..Keep up the good work

Anderson J.

I like the way the teacher teach us..

Abhiram P.

I liked a lot about this class was the teacher was very very nice and very positively helpful.

Taiwen F.

I liked everything except for the fact we were writing personal narratives but I think that is my own problem. I simply suck at writing personal narratives.I think this class is awesome

Davin S.

I liked everything..The autobiography was fun and I liked the stretches.


I liked everything.I enjoyed reading Helen Keller and the fables

Peyton L.

I liked everything.Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valerie H.

I liked how I learned things about writing narratives that weren't taught in school.


I liked how it taught me a lot and had many important reading. topics.

Apollo C.

I liked how my teacher was funny..My teacher was funny

Jessica W.

I liked how my teacher was very nice.and how I was able to learn new things.


I liked how the class helped me a lot with my vocabulary and It helped me learn a lot..No comment

Roy D.

I liked how we can right about the things we enjoy the most. There is nothing wrong with this class.This class is perfect

Melody H.

I liked my teacher. She made learning seem so fun and exciting. I loved everything about this class.

Justin L.

I liked reading and writing a lot.and I improved a lot.

Aadya J.

I liked that it was a fun way to approach Shakespeare.and we really got to understand it.

Haobo S.

I liked that it was interesting and engaging..I would definitely recommend this class to a friend.

Mark W.

I liked the activity. I didn�t dislike anything.Great class

Harrison Z.

I liked the book and the environment. There were minor technical issues.but it was overall a great time!

Alice L.

I liked the enthusiasm that the teacher had.


I liked the fun and the learning.especially in the end.

Austin M.

I liked the part that we got free writing exercises to help us get our blood flowing or that�s how she calls it.

Chelsea H.

I liked the things I learned. I liked the class very much.

Mark W.

I liked the way my teacher told me to revise and how I learned a lot. The class was very good

Sicely W.

I liked this class. I have learned many words that I didn't even know of. I also like the debate activity. It also lets me teamwork with the people that are in my group..I liked this class.

William F.

I loved everything..I liked the fables

Christina W.

I loved this class because of the way we were able to interact and analyze Macbeth and it was really interesting just going through it and learning about each character. I was amazed at how fun and challenging the class was and I really recommend this class.

Harrison G.

I really liked how my teacher is really passionate of teaching this class. I might look like I will not like it.but really I do!

Julia X.)

I think it was good and sparked a lot of ideas..

Vivian S.

I think this class is fun.effichant .FUN FUN FUN FUN VERY VERY FUN

Michael L.

It was fun and educational it made me learn a lot about my mistakes in essays.

Joylyn Q.

Like that we played warm up games and I learned something ( a lot of things actually).


Liked how I learned specific writing formats..

Khushi P.

My teacher look through all of our writing and gave us feedback and also taught us many new things.

Lewen F

Mystery stories are hard to write because your need very complex storylines..

Sebrina W.

The thing that I like most about this class is that I learned new things on both academic writing and the topic I researched about. I

Sean L.

This class would be great for anyone who was writing a essay. GREAT. ABSOLUTELY GREAT

Catherine Z.

We are having fun and leaning..I like this class

Daniel Y.

everthing is good.great!

Edward K.

i liked everything disliked nothing.nothing

Abhiram P.

i liked how the teacher was very opened to thoughts but i disliked how the book was very long.


i liked that we have two mysteries a day. i also like we go to breakout rooms to talk to each other about the topic. I don't like that class is at 10:00 in the morning.i like this class overall

Edward C.

like to brainstorming..a lot of discussion