Patience is Key
Emma Z. (rising 5th grader)

“Mom?”I yelled “Are you there”? I added as I knocked twice on the stall door. No answer. I absentmindedly bent down to see who the person in the stall was. Humph! A pair of pink high heels. It all happened so fast, just as I was about to get up, reality hit me like a boxer punching you in the face. I toppled and stirred, unfortunately that wasn’t my mom. The woman in the stall decided to speak to the apparent stranger standing in front of the stall, me. She mumbled a quick “hello?” Heat rushed over me, my hair prickled and I ran out of the stall as fast as I could, leaving the dumbfounded woman with the pink high heels behind.. My dad always told me that I didn't need to put others in front of me all the time, until this day, I didn’t think that was true.

I was in the museum. My dad had called me over to look at a marvelous sculpture of a deer. I snapped a few pictures before running back to my mom. But, when I swirled around, there was no Mom to run back to. She was gone. “Where could she have gone?” My mind raced with thoughts. No, I was not lost but was my mom lost? You can’t blame me I was only seven! That time I guess I worried a little too much. The first place I thought of was the restroom. I sprinted down the halls, and stalked inside. I decided to wait for my mom. I could tell there was someone inside...I could hear the clicks of shoes. After a while I grew tired and restless, what was taking her so long? I sighed as I figured I might have to call her and ask when she’d be done. “Mom” I asked. I paced a bit, no answer, “you’re taking a really long time mom” I called again. I knocked softly on the door and I paced around, again. I waited for what seemed to be hours but in reality only seconds, I bent down and saw a pair of elegant bright pink high heels. No, my mom doesn’t wear high heels. The woman finally decided to speak up, hello? She called loud and clear. Embarrassed, I ran out of the bathroom. I knew I was beginning to turn pink, maybe even red but I didn’t really care. I was focused on getting to my dad. Then I saw my mom standing right there apparently, looking for me. I felt foolish.

Sometimes you don’t always have to put others in front of you.been more patient, then this embarrassing moment would have never happened. After this, I promised myself to be patient and maybe even not worry about putting others in front of me.

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