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Flying Under the Clouds

Kevin S. (rising 5th grader)

Save the World

Haobo S. (rising 5th grader)

A Fear of Rollercoasters

Taiwan F. (rising 5th grader)

Benjamin Franklin

Daniel F. (rising 3rd grader)

Patience is Key

Emma Z. (rising 5th grader)


Jason L. (rising 5th grader)

Dinner Guests

Maxine X. (rising 2nd grader)

Macbeth Timed Write 2

Sage W. (rising 8th grader)


Caden L. (rising 6th grader)

Love of the Game

Saira M. (rising 6th grader)

The Velvet Worm

Zhuohan L. (rising 6th grader)

Who Was Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton?

Sophie W. (rising 6th grader)


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