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2020 Online Summer Camp

The learning goes on.
Welcome to our summer camp - a unique program that offers small classes in an all-new online format.
This year, our course options are flexible. That means you can choose one course, all of them, or anything in between. Mix and match to meet your child's need.
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For rising 2-7th graders. Morning Class.
A518: Mystery Reading and Writing
July 20-31
Who doesn’t like to read a good mystery story? Have you ever wanted to write or even publish one as well?
In this course, students examine story elements associated with classic mystery stories through direct learning and using logic to solve problems.
Additionally, students will plan and create their own original mystery stories under the instructor’s guidance. Through this process, our students will learn and practice all of the important elements of a narrative structure.
For rising 8-11 graders. Afternoon Class.
A560: Scholastic Narrative Writing Contest Workshop
July 20-31
With its message to “Tell Your Story,” this class focuses on the art and science of writing the personal narrative. We explore style, craft, and technique; through writing exercises, practice with various strategies, and an emphasis on the revision process, students learn to craft moments of meaning in the most compelling ways.
Beyond helping students give voice to their personal stories, this course also aims to introduce them to nationally acclaimed writing contests. With applications both personal and practical, this writing class will benefit young writers who seek to tell their stories in beautiful, haunting, humorous, insightful and memorable words.  
For rising 7-9th graders. Evening Class.
A520: Scholastic Academic Writing Contest Workshop
July 20 - 31
Students will learn a variety of academic writing skills essential for winning awards in the Scholastic Writing Contest.
Famed Professor C will guide each student through the process of writing an essay that reaches the prestigious Scholastic Writing Contest Gold Key standard. 
For rising 3rd graders and up. Afternoon Class.
B110: Public Speaking
July 20 - 31
Students will learn how to express themselves clearly in front of large audiences by utilizing tone, body language, and voice. 
Our instructors will teach confidence-building and proper expressions to use in different scenarios.
For rising 4th graders and up. Afternoon Class.
B130: Science Bowl
July 20 - 31
Taught by a one of the top 8 Biology Bowl competitors in the nation, students will engage in interesting and fierce competition by answering questions related to science, math, physics, earth and space, and physics. 
For rising 6th graders and up. Afternoon Class.
B120: Debate
July 20 - 24
Divided into two classes, novice debaters will begin with the format of arguments and refutation, as well as begin basic topic analysis.
Advanced debaters will develop enhanced skills such in argumentation by utilizing turns, weighing, and more "tech" positions. They will learn LD or PF debate.