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Refer a new family to Reading + Writing program and each family will receive $25 off tuition.

2020 Fall
Reading + Writing Program

A classic course which dramatically improves English skills through practice and guidance. Now online.

2020 Fall
TMSCA Science & Science Bowl

Our national and state science contest award-winning coaches teach students a variety of important science topics and lead them to improve their science skills by competing in TMSCA science and science bowl contest questions using a science bowl format in a highly motivating environment.

2020 Fall
TMSCA Math & Number Sense

Our national and state math contest award winning coaches teach students a variety of important math skills and lead them to improve their math skills by competing in the TMSCA number sense and math contest questions in a highly motivating and friendly environment.

2020 Fall
High School Math
& Science Subject Tutoring 

Class Setup:  weekly, one hour, one-on-two, personalized tutoring (online)


Subjects Include: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus AB, Ap Calculus BC, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, AP Physics C and high school Chemistry I 

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2020 Fall
Classic Literature Analysis and Writing (7-8th graders)

Why do we need stories? Why does classic literature matter? How do classic works help us discover our inner selves? If you want to explore the answers of these questions and, simultaneously, learn to be a stronger reader and writer and prepare for your academic success in high school and beyond, take this class! 

2020 Fall
High School Adv. Critical Reading + Writing (Full)

A unique course to develop 8-11th grade students' independent critical thinking ability in this era of information and sharpen their reading comprehension and writing skills.

2020 Fall
Public Speaking Program

Learning essential skills of speaking and boosting self-confidence in an energetic classroom, taught by a public speaking specialist loved by all of her students.

2020 Fall
Debate Program

Teaching critical thinking, reading, writing and presentation skills through a unique debate program which has proven success with a national champion, a state champion, and many local awards in the past few years.

2020 Fall
ISEE Test Tutoring

Class Setup:  weekly, one hour, one-on-two, personalized tutoring (online)


Subjects Include: ISEE Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Math and Essay Writing

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