SpiderSmart Advanced

Reading + Writing Program
Literature Analysis and Essay Writing
We completely modified our flagship program and enhanced it on a new level for higher-level students. This created the ultimate reading and writing program which maximizes learning and efficiency. With no compromises. 
For Level 8 or Higher
Our program. Even better. 
Our goal was to create the most advanced program ever. We've done that now, with an enhanced curriculum which was designed specifically for higher-level students and maximum results. 
Smallest Classes.
Our Advanced classes have 10 students each. This allows for the ideal collaboration and discussions essential to a high-level class while keeping our classes small. 
Professional Teachers.
We knew the best class ever also needed the best teachers. That's why we've got high-school AP teachers guiding every student individually. Our teachers have gone through extensive training to achieve the best results. 
Four Step Process.
We're still using our classic four-step process because of its proven results. Instead, we've enhanced this program for high-leveled students based on our extensive research.

Our teacher chooses a high-quality work for students to read and analyze. The teacher then guides students through discussions about the text. All these texts are literary classics by notable authors. 


Students are assigned homework created by the instructor. Because the performance of students matters to us, each assignment varies to reflect progress. 


Our experienced teachers give students individualized feedback about their assignment during class. This allows students to accurately gauge their performance and improve in the most efficient manner. 


Based on feedback given by the teacher, students systematically revise their assignments, solidifying their understanding of new concepts. This step reduces future redundancies, saving time and effort.