Grammar + Reading Comprehension
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Two skill  in one class.
We realized that public schools weren't teaching grammar in a systematic way. So we made a course to help. Introducing the new Grammar + Reading Comprehension class.
Grammar is important when writing.
Grammar is the foundation of the English language. Without strong grammar skills, students are unable to correctly use beautiful language, resulting in weak writing.
Students might write too many short sentences. Which. Don't. Flow. Well. Or they might write one complex sentence which contains errors. 
Our program lays 
strong foundation.
We teach essential grammar concepts such as complex sentence writing, format, proper syntax, and much more. 
Because our curriculum is developed by experts, you can trust that our program will deliver great results.
Grammar aid's reading comprehension.
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When reading or taking reading comprehension assessments, students may have trouble grasping key themes from the text because of their limited knowledge of complex writing syntax.
Our program will improve reading comprehension skills, which directly benefits English grades and high school preparedness. 
You expect quality. We've got that.
Small classes. Always.
We believe the best learning comes in a small class setting. That's why our classes stay small, and our teachers give individualized feedback and instruction to each student. 
The best teachers. 
Teachers are crucial to educational success. That's why we only use teachers that we intensively validate and test. All our teachers are trained by us specifically for each program.
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