Literary Analysis
by Elijah C.
Grade 8

Have you ever read a book where foreshadowing grabbed your attention immediately and pulled you in? The Marionettes INC and The Veldt are both interesting short stories, because of their style of foreshadowing. The Marionette INC takes place in 1992. It consists of a man with a human-like robot that literally controls his life. In the Veldt, two spoiled kids capture the power of their parents. The parents have no control over their kids, who inevitably kill them as a result of rebellion and resentment. The Marionettes INC, and the Veldt, both use foreshadowing to create suspense, and further develop details of the text, to help add a heightened level of mystery to each of the stories.


In both stories, the author creates suspense by using foreshadowing to further illustrate the short story. In the quote from  Marionettes INC, it says,“ ‘you’ll never know will you?’ Braling two smiled delicacy,”(Bradbury 4). Braling two adds mystery to the text. When reading the sentence, the reader will get a tingling feeling, because you know what's about to happen yet the author does not tell you.  When Braling tells us we’ll never know, the reader doesn't know what will happen next and that brings us suspense. In the Veldt, the readers see George's wife Lydia, say in the beginning, “George, I wish you’d look at the nursery,”(Bradbury 1). After this line, George says, “what's wrong with it?”(Bradbury 1). These two quotes show the uncertainty in the parents. It also shows how George is unaware of what his fully automatic house can do.  While the readers still don't know what happens to the nursery until the 2nd page, Bradbury does a good job starting the story with suspenseful foreshadowing.


Now, in the Marionette and the Veldt, both use suspense and uncertainty, to illustrate how the characters don't know what is going to happen next, but still allow the reader to wait for the upcoming information. But instead of using uncertainty in The Veldt, the Marionettes INC focuses more on suspense.


Bradbury further develops the plot conflict and resolution with his clever use of foreshadowing. In the quote, “the house is the wife and the mother now,”(Bradbury 2), the readers can feel the problems with the family. The wife Lydia is shown to be a bad parent because of her absence as a mother to her children, which helps develops the plot. This shows that bad parenting could end up chaos. Lydia, not having been taking care of her children,  has failed her part as a mother and the consequences in the foreseen future could be devastating. In the Marionettes INC, a quote is shown saying, “is it still a felony, if caught, to use one?”(Bradbury 1). Bradbury uses this quote to show mystery and develop the story by telling you that the Marionette is made by an illegal business. This makes you feel excited as you’ll think that the protagonist might get caught using a Marionette. This creates suspense as you think the plot is going to end with him getting caught using a Marionette. In both quotes, you must think to yourself and realize what the quotes mean to help better understand the stories. In one of the quotes, the author lets you self-conclude the story as you read. In the other, he gives a real-life lesson on how kids should be treated.


Finally, Bradbury uses foreshadowing to help make the story mysterious. In a quote from The Veldt, Georges thought are present to the reader, “He looked at the door and saw it tremble as if something had jumped against it from the other side, ”(Bradbury 2) In this quote, it shows what the character George is feeling. The readers know that before this quote the parents were just inside a 3D room with realistic lions chasing them. When Bradbury illustrated the quote, the readers know that the thing that jumped was the lions pounding on the door, but to characters in the book, it is still a mystery that foreshadows their fate. In the Marionettes INC, te readers see the thought of the main character, “and then, the horrid thought. And then the terror and the loneliness engulf him. And then a fever of disillusionment, ”(Bradbury 3). From the beginning of the story, we contently see people mistaken as a Marionette in a repeated fashion. So when the main character thinks a horrid thought, it creates the mystery that his wife, the one he is thinking about, is a Marionette. Both of these stories tell from the character point of view, which means you can see their thoughts. But what is different about it is that one is about the wife and one is with the wife.


To sum it up, the Marionettes INC, and the Veldt both use foreshadowing to create suspense while further developing details of the text helping to add a heightened level of mystery to help enhance the readers reading. The mysterious theme surrounding the two stories keep your brain “on its toes”. I think that both stories are well written to the point where the author does not give you information directly but lets you have fun figuring it out yourself. The overall use of foreshadowing makes your reading experience something you can't forget.