Learn how to cast your display
Have your computer screen be displayed on the projector using Google Chromecast.
Make sure you are in Google Chrome. Then, ensure that you are connected to SpiderSmart at Sugar Land's WiFi (CBCI-6D54-2.4). 
Note: if you are connected to CBCI-6D54-5, you'll need to connect to the CBCI-6D54-2.4 network. The WiFi password is delay4180beside.
Getting Started
Look to the top right corner of your screen. You should see an icon that looks like this:
If you don't see that icon, it may be because Chrome isn't updated. But regardless, click the icon on the top right.
Click on that icon. A menu will drop down.
Click on  "Cast..."
Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 1.03.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 1.05.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 1.08.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 1.32.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 9.22.07 PM.png
On the top left corner (PC) or the bottom left corner (Mac), you will see a button titled "Cast to" (PC) or "Sources" (Mac). Click on that.
Then, click "Cast desktop".
Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 9.19.45 PM.png
Next, select the room you are in. For instance, if you are in room 2, select Room 2 TV.
To Stop Casting
Open the cast menu. You will see this icon.
Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 9.21.18 PM.png
Click on it. Your computer should be disconnected now.
Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 9.32.00 PM.png
If you are having issues with casting your display, you can read this guide here.