Read exemplary work written by our Summer Camp 2020 students under the guidance of skilled SpiderSmart instructors. 
Session 2
by Caden L. (rising 6th grader)
“Caden Lin!” said the lady on the stage. As I trudged up the stairs, I knew then the next few minutes would humiliate me for the rest of my life.
Love of the Game
by Saira M. (rising 6th grader)
The perfume of past blooming roses wafted to my nose. A typical enough smell, but it made my nose tingle with pleasure. We were like a pile of clothes, strewn lazily on the couch...
"I sincerely loved all their writing. They really grew in the short time we spent together."
-Writing instructor Ms. N
The Siberian Tiger is Endangered
by Jonathan Y. (rising 4th grader)
The Siberian tiger is endangered from habitat loss, lack of food, and poaching. Although some may think tigers are a way to earn money, Siberian tigers need to be saved from habitat loss, lack of food, and poaching because they are beautiful and strong creatures...
"It’s so hard to pick the best writers because the students excelled in different areas!"
-Writing instructor Mrs. J
The Velvet Worm
by Zhuohan L. (rising 6th grader)
Imagine walking along the trail in the Australian Rainforest and suddenly, a straight line of goop hits your face. You glance by and see an Australian velvet worm lumber by on its “Arcade legs”...
Who Was Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton?
by Sophie W. (rising 6th grader)
Do you know who created the first private orphanage, or who helped fund the Washington Monument? If you don’t, the answer is Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton...
The Basics of the Real Life Quidditch Sport
by Roy D. (rising 4th grader)
Have you ever wondered what real-life Harry Potter would be like?! Well,  Quidditch, a popular sport from the series, is now an official sport for muggles!..
Flying Under the Clouds
by Kevin S. (rising 5th grader)
I was flying right beneath the clouds. I was shivering from the cold...
The Run (Cougar Prowl)
by Brianna H. (rising 4th grader)
Boom!! What was that? It was the pistol that meant we were off. “Come on, or else we are going to be late,” I vocalized to my mom. It was 6:00 a.m., I was tired, but we had to go.
Macbeth Timed Write: Macbeth
by Sage W. (rising 8th grader)
The idea that anyone can become evil with the right circumstances has been played with since the beginning of literature. Shakespeare’s play Macbeth highlights the story of the eventual corruption of a good person...
A Fear of Rollercoasters
by Taiwan F. (rising 5th grader)
The moment I stepped out of the car, my instincts told me that today might not go as well as I had thought it would. My stomach lurched at the sight of the towering roller coaster, with people screaming their brains out...
Save the World
by Haobo S. (rising 5th grader)
Imagine a murky grey world with no color, plants, animals, or life. This may sound like science fiction, but it is the hard reality of cities all around the world...
Macbeth Timed Write: Lady Macbeth
by Aadya J. (rising 8th grader)
Macbeth is a play full of death, betrayal, and desire. There are many instances where characters are hesitant of their actions, but power and ambition causes them to keep at it.
Patience is Key
by Emma Z. (rising 5th grader)
“Mom?”I yelled “Are you there”? I added as I knocked twice on the stall door. No answer. 
Dinner Party
by Camilla G. (rising 2nd grade)
All About Me
by Peyton L. (rising 1st grader)
by Jason L. (rising 5th grader)
Imagine coming home just to realize your cat has left once again to wander off. "If only I had a dog,” you think. You hear stories from your friends like whenever he comes home, his dog jumps on his lap and licks his face...
Benjamin Franklin
by Daniel F. (rising 3rd grader)
Have you learned about Benjamin Franklin? Well, I have! Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He was an inventor, publisher, and scientist...


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